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Upside Down Quote

It seems that certain questions pop up more regularly than others so here are my responses to those particular inquiries.

What is your background?

My background is what is known as "varied." I've worked as a financial analyst, as a manufacturer's representative, as an administrative assistant, and have even scooped ice cream. I've worked in public relations, marketing, and sales as well as spending time in the computer industry, the entertainment industry, and the healthcare industry. Plus I've tutored high school history, math, and English in addition to devoting much time to nonprofit volunteer work in marine conservation including website design and maintenance.

What authors inspired you?

There are a handful of outstanding authors who have subtly influenced me over the years; among them, Agatha Christie. However, there was something about the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon that stirred me to do what I really wanted to and that was to write my own novels.

When did you first begin to write?

A very very long time ago. The first time that I was officially recognized for something that I wrote was in the third grade for a patriotic essay which was selected to be read aloud at a school assembly.

Do you have plans for any other books in addition to the projects listed on this website?

Most definitely! In fact, I envision Timewise as the first in a series of historical mysteries featuring Ivy and her cousin Silver. Plus there are a few other nonfiction projects which I'm currently developing that I'll add to this website in the near future.