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MoonChild of the Everywhen Title

Qiara and her story

There is an enduring tradition among native peoples worldwide of parallel states of being. There is the so-called "real" life and then there is the other life known as the Dreamtime which is considered to be "all-at-once time" and, in a sense, more real than reality itself.

Referred to as the Everywhen, this other life can sometimes intrude upon linear time and establish itself as its own reality. Qiara, born under a rare moon event and heir to a great lineage, finds herself lost between two worlds as she is propelled along towards her remarkable destiny.

Excerpt from MoonChild of the Everywhen:

Trapped within the twilight that separates sleep from wakefulness, and dream from reality, Qiara became aware of voices nearby even before she dared to open her eyes.  The voices were strange save for one and none of them was Brogan’s.  As she fought her curiosity to see who was speaking, every bit of her intuition warned her to keep her eyes closed and pretend to remain asleep.  Seconds later, her decision was rewarded as the words became distinct and she could make out the conversation quite clearly. 

“I tell you, Quinn, if O’Mallagan finds out that Isabel escaped from us, we’ll all be hung in a row from the highest tree in sight.  We have to find her, and fast!”  Whoever was speaking sounded panicked.

“Flaherty and Niall are out tracking her and it won’t be long before they find her.  She can’t get far on foot and she’s not familiar with this part of the country anyway,” Quinn said.  “O’Mallagan isn’t expected until tomorrow evening so by the time he gets here, we’ll have her back and then we can settle our business with the old man.” 

“I sure hope that you are right.  I’ve heard of O’Mallagan’s temper and I don’t want to risk being on the wrong side of it,” the first voice was somewhat calmer but there was still an edge to it that betrayed his apprehension.  Silence followed and in the quiet, Qiara heard bootsteps slowly approach to where she lay.  They stopped so close to her that she could smell the scent of the man who stood beside her and she wondered to herself who it was.  Leather and horse and something else.  Something clean, as though he had just bathed.  As he stood there, Qiara heard the other man speak from across the room and knew that it was Quinn who remained near.


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