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The Trinity of

And just what is this great secret that your body knows?  

Simply that your optimal survival as a living organism depends upon your body functioning as efficiently as possible. The implication of this fundamental truth is that each of us has the innate capacity for a lean, healthy physique. Given the proper nutrition, with consideration to nature's rhythms, and cared for correctly, the body human will inevitably adjust itself to an ideal size and weight, with literally no effort on your part. The only side effects are more physical energy, less risk for disease, and a greater sense of well-being.

The key to getting this secret to work for you is to acknowledge that you are a being of three interconnected parts: Your physical body, your thinking mind, and your emotional self.  To access your own innate good health is to take care of all aspects of yourself because each one affects the other. When our bodies, minds, and emotions are all in unity with each other, we are whole, and the result is a sense of well-being. This Trinity of Life is our birthright and we have but to recognize it to claim it.

This is not a new revelation. For thousands of years, in many cultures around the globe, this trinity of life has been known. But, in one of the greatest ironies of our age, as Mankind becomes more and more technologically and scientifically advanced, this essential simple ancient wisdom has been devalued. Indeed, our world progresses ever forward in health research and amazing medical technology, yet cancer and other diseases continue to wreak huge tolls.  Heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, and obesity have become a way of life for millions of people but it doesn't have to be.

What many people don't realize is that each one of us is a walking marvel, born with the natural capacity for life-long good health into a world which supplies us with all of the nourishment that we need, yet our civilization is at odds with the environment for which we were created.

In my book, The Body Perfect, I explain how ideal health is not only possible, but I also provide simple, effective steps for attaining it. Click on any of the links below for chapter previews to see just how easy it is to make small, but significant, lifestyle changes to help you to find a deep sense of well-being which results from the interaction between a health body, healthy mind, and healthy spirit.

Body's Ingenius Design
Birthright to Good Health
Work with your Body and not against it
Reclaim your natural energy
Re-think Exercise
Food as Fuel and Nutrition
A Word or Two About Vitamins
Help your body to help itself
Perfect Health

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Your body has a secret that it is literally dying to tell you. 
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