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For thousands of years, great secrets have been kept by a select group of honorable guardians until such time as they were ordained to be shared with the world.

Many of these secrets are closely connected with the enduring mysteries of history and will prove to have remarkable implications for the future if they are successfully revealed by the one who is the living legacy of the culmination of just the right balance of darkness and light.

This historic figure possesses an inherent gift that will be the key to Great Change, but will that change be for an Enlightened Age or will it usher in a new Dark Age?

Meet Ivy Oldiani and her look-alike cousin Silver who, unbeknownst to themselves, are about to embark upon the accidental adventure of a lifetime or, perhaps, of all time.

Born into a mysterious heritage, the magnitude of which neither Ivy nor Silver can imagine, their lives will never be the same after they are swept along by forces beyond their control into circumstances that will test their strength and ultimately guide them to a destiny that has been millenia in the making.





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“For the record, there are three very good reasons why I would never want to travel back in time, even if I thought that it would solve the mystery of who Louis’ miserable prisoner was and, more importantly, why he was imprisoned in the first place.”  Without looking behind her, Ivy shifted the armful of colorful satin gowns before slowly making her way down the grand central staircase and, with much rustling, walked slowly toward the east gallery where Louis XIV stood motionless near his very naked Queen.  

Giancarlo glanced briefly at the unclothed mannequin as he followed Ivy through the two marble pillars at the entrance to the gallery.  Ivy paused before the half-finished exhibit, taking a mental account of what still had to be done.  Meanwhile, the late afternoon sun filtered in through the high windows opposite the gallery and its lazy rays fell across Louis’ face where they lit his eyes with a lifelike gaze.  How appropriate, thought Ivy, that the sun should seek out the monarch who was known even in his own lifetime as the Sun King.  But, enough of that for now.  Here it was, already late afternoon, and there was still much to do before tomorrow’s visit from the French ambassador.  She sighed again and, with a defiant lift of her chin, approached the Queen.  First things first.  At least everyone should be dressed